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12th-Feb-2009 07:14 pm - oh look, i'm posting
so i got new icons

old ones didn't have enough aph. my favorite thing about them is that they are numbered, but when i go to select an icon, they are arranged in alphabetical order, as opposed to the order they were uploaded in. so my numbers go 11, 5, 1, 7, 9, 12, 4, 8, 3, 2, 10, 6, teehee so disorderly.

why are icons my favorite part of lj

meme timeCollapse )

oh but here's a cool story. on tuesday i spent five hours going to doctor appointments.
it blew.
then i had to get blood work done, and so i have this bruise and puncture mark on the crook of my elbow.
get it. like a hoodlum that does heroin.
okay bye.
lol you suck ➌ prussia
15th-Nov-2008 10:09 pm - old meme
o: Someone hasn't posted in awhile! Sorry for the spam, f-list. I am bored.

6th-Sep-2008 07:43 pm - intro post?
Hey guys I got an lj :D I figured after lurking around some communities and stalking a few journals (ehehe...) I might as well sign up for one. I'm excited, but I don't know if any of the online friends I've already met have ljs. I feel like I'm talking to no one (um probably because I am).

So if you know me from anywhere, give me a heads up and we can friend each other :) You might know me as NagiChan59 on YouTube or as plain old Alice/Ali.

So uh I guess I'll post about fandom and pimp any cool fanart sites, fanfics, fanvids, etc. here that I stumble upon across on the intenet. I'll also tell you all if I'm making any new videos.

Sorry about this one, but I'll also be posting about stuff going on IRL. This is because I always feel the urge to type about it in video descriptions on YT and then I realize OH YEAH NO ONE CARES IF I WAS DRINKING JUICY JUICE WHILE MAKING THIS!!!!! I try to filter that kind of stuff out there, but I'll probably just post EVERYTHING here.

So yeah. I apologize for any potential f-list spam. I like to share everything I find even slightly amusing with the world.

Oh and I probably wont f-lock anything.

Okay thats all, bye.
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